Scott's first time reaching 100 miles!


"In the past 18 months I have lost 55 pounds and ran my first half marathon. I would have never accomplished these goals without Dusty’s guidance. She helped me put together a running training plan, and she pushed when I needed it. When I was injured she offered support and alternatives to running.  Most importantly, she believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Her texts and emails were the reassurance and encouragement that I needed.

Dusty’s knowledge in chronic disease has been invaluable. With her help, I have been able to advocate for myself, and my auto-immune disease is finally under control after several years of frustration. 

I can without a doubt, recommend Dusty as a trainer. She’s a pusher, and will tell you exactly what you need to hear…maybe not always what you want to hear.  I will continue to train and hopefully someday run a full marathon."   


January 2016


"Last November 2014 I relied heavily on Dusty Hardman, a Vol State 314 mile multi-day veteran, for advice on how to prepare, setting a daily and nightly running and resting schedule, nutrition, hydration and electrolyte balance. Luckily for me, again this year, Dusty was available to pace and support me for most of the six days [of Icarus Florida Ultrafest] which greatly improved my total mileage, increasing from last year’s 247.046 miles to this year’s 303.968 miles + flag distance (distances uncertified at this point).

Dusty and I agreed to a set of goals for this year’s Icarus 6-day: (i) Beat last year’s 247.046 miles, (ii) Cover the Badwater 146 Double of 292 miles, (iii) Break 300 miles. The BW146 Double goal was a mental exercise I developed to shift the focus from running 1.0408 Km laps to a desert course that I could visualize in segments between check in stations. If you know Dusty then you understand that she kept me focused on the 300+ mile goal that I achieved with just over an hour left on the clock!

For the record I finished 14th out of 25 entrants with 303.968 miles or 489.1760 kilometers covered in 470 laps."


November 2015


I can't say enough good things about Dusty. I originally met her during my first Vol-State Run, 314 relentless miles across Tennessee in the middle of July 2013. I stumbled across Dusty about 90 miles into the race and can't even begin to describe my miserable condition, both mentally and physically. Not knowing her from a stranger on the street, we shared many miles together as her limitless energy and resolve drove me to an unfathomable finish -- this race was the first time I'd done more than 50 miles!

Following that race, we continued to stay in touch regarding running and life. Dusty always seems to have the appropriate words when they're needed, even the tough ones that I'd sometimes prefer not to hear, occasionally earning a jokingly affectionate "thanks mom."

In late December of 2014, after a string of inconsistency, injuries, and personal failures, I knew it was time to make a change. Dusty was there with the reality check and her coaching has been a revelation to my running. In the six months that she's coached me, I have far and away exceeded my previous running performances. Better conditioned and running smarter, I finished as the top male at Iron Horse 100k, clearly my best finish ever. I'm on pace to nearly double my running mileage from the previous year. Besides providing a training plan catered specifically to my next big event (Vol State, one more time), we communicate daily and she takes into account my complete well-being. When I'm slacking or overwhelmed, she provides motivation and flexibility to keep training enjoyable and balanced with a busy schedule. When I get "a little" overzealous (she tells me, I'm a "feast or famine" runner), she's there with the sensibility to reign me back in.

I cannot predict how the future will turn out, but I can easily say that I've achieved my best physical conditioning with Dusty and for the first time since I start running, I feel happy, healthy, and well prepared for the races ahead of me. I know that I couldn't have done it without Dusty's support and coaching.
Thank you, Dusty.

Scott Krouse