I'll help you find your way.

What is Tough Love Training?

Need help reaching or creating reasonable long-term exercise goals?  Need to be accountable to someone?  Want to analyze your past performances to make your future performances better?  Need or want daily encouragement?  

I can help you reach your exercise dreams through a well thought out, long-term plan, achievable short-term goals, daily texts and emails and assessing your strengths and weaknesses.  I coach everybody from the chronically ill (who want to improve their health and fitness) to mid-level athletes (who want to achieve big goals or improve their performance) to back-of-the-packers (who want to move up in the pack, or just feel better and enjoy themselves more). 


My philosophy with exercise is that it should be enjoyed, fit into your schedule and it shouldn't hurt. Exercise can and should be fun as well as challenging.

I encourage power walking in training as well as taking appropriate rest as needed.  Gradually increasing mileage and periodizing training plans are vital to the success of anyone undertaking a big goal.

How coaching works

  • Contact me via the contact page or send an email to dusty@toughlovetraining.net
  • I will reply within 24 hours
  • We will agree on a 30 minute time when we can talk, the initial consult is free
  • If you decide to go with Tough Love Training, we can discuss what plan you want and how to pay (cash, check or PayPal)
  • I send you a liability waiver and you send it back to me
  • I will provide a customized one or two week schedule for running and/or strength training based on your needs, limitations and work schedule
  • Each day you send me a text or email telling me how your workout went for that day or the day before